Now and Then

October of last year my husband and I decided to try for a baby. This time last year I was talking to my husband about some slight abnormalities I was feeling and he suggested taking a pregnancy test, but I thought it would be too early if I actually was pregnant. A couple days later I decided to see, so I took a pregnancy test and to my surprise it was positive. I was excited and in disbelief. I quickly got dressed told my husband I had some errands to run and left. I went to the store grabbed another box of pregnancy tests, a bottle of sparkling cider, a bottle of champagne, and then checked out. I also made a stop at the mall to grab a onesie. I decided if it was true I could surprise my husband tonight. So I went home, locked myself in our bathroom, and took two more pregnancy tests. I impatiently waited for the results. When it was time I was nervous, but I looked and they were both positive. I put the three pregnancy tests in a gift bag along with the new onesie. My husband was already cooking us a special dinner so I played it off as a “just because” present. I hid the apple cider and champagne in the freezer. We sat down to dinner, and before we began to eat I told Brennan to open his present. He pulled out and onesie and then the pregnancy tests. He was so excited and happy. I decided not to record it because it was an intimate and emotional moment for us that I will always cherish. It is one of my favorite moments with my husband. We celebrated with a glass of sparkling cider for me and for him a glass of champagne. That was one year ago. 

Today I am laying in bed next to my napping son feeling thankful for this journey. He is four months old as of tomorrow. When people say, “don’t take it for granted because before you know it they will be grown,” they aren’t kidding. Time has flown and he gets bigger everyday. If you couldn’t tell by the picture he loves chewing and sucking on his hands. Tummy time is hit or miss, but he is starting to like sitting in his bumbo. He still loves to take baths and eat. He is a very smiley boy, and I love hearing him laugh. He loves music and watching sports with his daddy. I miss how little he was, but I also can’t wait to see him grow and learn. I know his daddy is ready to teach him baseball. It’s amazing how such a small thing can have such a big impact your life. I never knew I could love someone as much as I love my son. He has changed my world. 


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